FAQ and Help


The alien mother ship arrived a few days ago and stands behind the dark side of the Moon. Aliens placed some teleporters on earth to bring their troops to our planet. Light teleporters carry flying units, while dark ones carry land units.

The goal of the aliens is to destroy key terrestrial structures such as bridges, missile bases, factories. Your goal is to defend them by preventing aliens from reaching them. As the battle unfolds, the aliens get stronger and stronger and if you don’t destroy their teleporters by preventing new units from reaching Earth, you won’t be able to make it.



Damaged towers have lower fire power: remember to repair them

Tanks can attack only land teleports but are very effective. Helicopters, jets and drones can attack all teleports and turrets

Helichopters can shot a limited number of bullets before they must come back to base

Tanks costs a lot but they can shot several bullets before they must come back to base

Restart a level costs res and ammo but perform a full shields recharge and costs a lot less than recharging shields manually

Drones and helicopters have very weak shields and are less effective to attack alien turrets than alien teleports

After a special mission your shields are restored as they were before starting the mission

Due to their speed and shields jets are very effective to attack alien turrets, less for alien teleports

You don’t have to wait an attack wave finishes before setting up another one. Even to multiple targets at the same time

Combine skills, upgrades and towers’ mod and ensure to test them all before asserting a level is impossible to complete

If you play difficult level 1 (easy) you don’t need to attack enemies. It’s just like a classic TD game

Level progress is automatically saved in the time between waves only if the corresponding slot is free

If you’re out of res you can go to shop tapping on res counter on the top-right of the screen and watch an ad video

Before level start you can choose to watch an ad video to earn extra money on startup

Try to adjust skills if you can’t complete a level

In armory you can mod your towers changing their power, fire rate, range, etc. Try different setups for different towers

Enemies may damage and destroy your towers. If they do it they will build an alien turret in place of destroyed tower

Special missions are unlocked once levels are completed. Play special missions to earn resources and rewards

Towers upgraded to level 2 can be specialized. Try different specializations in different situations of play

If you’re out of resources you can play completed levels again or special missions

Purchase any item in game to remove ad videos for ever

This game is free to play. This doesn’t mean we had no costs to develop it. We just want you to understand it. Thank you

You can earn resources watching ad videos

Try to setup a good defense before attack enemies

If you start a level from armory all previous level’s save states will be deleted
Remember to use base’s abilities

Repairing your base in armory before each level costs less than in battle
Superpower give you a short lasting extra power and firerate. Only towers upgraded to level 2 have it enabled

Except for easy mode, the higher the wave number the harder to survive. The last one in each level is virtually impossible to complete


Q: This game is the usual pay per win! I can’t overcome a level until I buy resources or weapons with real money. Is it true?
A: NO!
We don’t want that and for this reason we ensured our beta testers completed the game 100+ times, with different combinations of skills and upgrades, without spending real money. If you can’t overcome a level follow our Facebook Page for tips and tricks.
Q: What benefits would I get if I bought the game?
If you like our game, the first benefit is that purchasing it you’ll support us giving resources needed to improve the game, develop it with further contents and, why not, make a sequel. You’ll also remove ads and have unlimited game reload from any saved wave.

Q: I decided to skip Tutorial but now I want to play it:  what can I do?
In main menu – LOAD – TAP ON EMPTY SLOT – ANSWER YES to restart the game. You’ll be prompted if you want to play Tutorial again.

Q: I would try another strategy but don’t want to loose my progres: how can I do?
A: In main menu – SAVE- TAP ON EMPTY SLOT to save the game, then
back to main menu – LOAD – TAP ON EMPTY SLOT – ANSWER YES to restart the game.

Q: I’m out of res: what can I do?
A: If you’re out of res you can watch ads in shop or play special missions or completed levels again to gain resources and rewards. You must play at least 3 waves in completed levels to get rewards and resources again.

Q: I would like to purchase res in shop but I want to be sure not to loose them: what can I do?
A: Resources are consumable items so you won’t get them again if you restore your purchases. To be sure not to loose them, after buy go to main menu and SAVE game to a free slot. Then use your res. I you want your res back just go to main menu and LOAD the saved game state. Otherwise, if you purchase a special offer containing a object, this will be restored after clicking RESTORE PURCHASES in shop.

Q: I want to play the game on my phone and on my tablet sharing my progress: how can I do that?
A: To sync game progress between up to 5 devices follow this steps: 1) take the device you are using to play E.L.D. TD, go to main menu and press SETTINGS – SYNC – MASTER; 2) take the secondary device, open E.L.D. TD and go to main menu and press SETTINGS – SYNC – OTHER… and insert UID and PIN you have found in main device; after that devices are synced automatically. When you open the game, if you played on another device, yuou’ll be prompted if you want to use that save state.

Q: I hate ads and don’t want to watch them so I keep my device in airplain mode: can I play anyway?
A: We made this game with love and decided to share it with you for free. However we had costs to develop it and would like to have a fair profit. So we use ads and in-app purchases. Ads give you rewards you can use to buy in-game items without spending real money. In-app purchases give you the chance to make the game easier to play. But YES, you can play E.L.D. TD even if your device is offline.



Use drag&drop to drag towers on slots or on the map.

To change map’s zoom on mobile devices use pinch-to-zoom. On desktop devices hold SPACEBAR and move mouse.